When a person is involved in an accident that causes an injury, he or she has many different challenges to deal with. Car collisions, injuries from defective consumer products and injuries as the result of unkempt premises can all have serious repercussions for those involved. Dealing with the challenges of finding medical treatment, filing your accident insurance claim and starting on a path to recovery can be overwhelming. Let our law firm help you through this process.

At Clauson Law Office, we help people who have suffered injuries as the result of negligent accidents. Whether your injuries are minor, such as whiplash, or very serious like a traumatic brain injury, our lawyer will strongly advocate for your interests.

A Hardin County Car Accident Injury Attorney Offering Compassionate And Assertive Legal Counsel For Accident Victims


Our Hart County personal injury attorney, Will Clauson, handles a wide range of injury claims. These include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Pedestrian accidents

  • Bicycle accidents

  • Premises liability

    • Slips, trips and falls in grocery stores, on sidewalks and other types of property

  • Workplace injuries


Dealing With Insurance, Benefits And More

Trying to deal with the insurance company and obtaining benefits is one of the most difficult things to do. Many times, insurance companies will try to "low ball" your claim and attempt to get you to settle for less than what you deserve. While the insurance company may act like your friend, the reality is that these adjusters are trained to get customers to settle quickly.

For this reason, you need an experienced attorney on your side to make sure that you are treated fairly and get the benefits that you deserve. At our firm, we know how to strategize and will make certain that the insurance company acts fairly and our clients get the maximum amount of benefits and compensation for their injuries.

Schedule A Free 30-Minute Consultation

We are happy to offer free 30-minute consultations for clients. To schedule an appointment with attorney Will Clauson, contact our firm online or by calling 270-261-4496. We are available to make appointments at your convenience, including home and hospital visits.