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Work With Our Dedicated Hart County Divorce Lawyer

Going through divorce can make you feel like you are riding a roller coaster of emotions. You may be unsure of what your rights are and have questions about how divorce will affect both you and your children. Having someone stand by your side throughout this process can make everything seem much easier. At Clauson Law Office, we will provide the guidance and support that you need.

We offer competent, strong representation for individuals facing legal issues involving family law, divorce, custody and more. Our team seeks to reach the best possible solution while effectively protecting our clients' needs. Will Clauson, our Hart County divorce attorney, will take time to explain your options so you are fully informed when you make a decision for you and your family.

Contact Clauson Law Office at 270-524-4529 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.



Filing For Divorce

The divorce process in Kentucky is not always two-fold. In many cases, individual circumstances can make a case more complex. For this reason, we are fully committed to offer individualized services for our clients. We take a unique approach to every divorce case, tailoring our services to meet the needs of our clients.


We guide our clients through all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Explaining the divorce process

  • Valuation of assets, property and debts

  • Determining differences between marital and nonmarital assets

  • Maintenance (alimony)

  • Property division

  • Determining custody arrangements


Determining maintenance (alimony), child support and other financial matters often times depends on the individual facts of the case. We are prepared to answer your questions and your concerns promptly and efficiently.

Serving Barren County: Property Division Attorney

To discuss your family law matter, please contact our lawyer by calling 270-524-4529 or sending us an email. We offer free 30-minute consultations.

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